the daily team


Chrissi Robinson

General Manager


Andrew Reid

Operations Manager

Daily Help Manager






Marty Robinson

This guy is the first to grab a tea towel or the broom, to the point he has been asked if he is the cleaner at times! Marty is our leader, not because he has ruthlessly fought his way to the front but because we are happy for him to lead from the back, where he wants to be. He makes a chaotic day look like a gentle stroll in the park, and to him nothing is impossible. He gets us dreaming those big dreams, and courageously looking to the future with faith that everything is going to be all right.

Hamish Olesen


Our treasurer Hamish is married to Mary-Anne and together they have three lively children, Isaac, Eleesha and Joash, in various stages of Secondary or Tertiary education. They live in Te Puke, close enough for Hamish to walk (and read) his way to work.

He has been involved in the accounting industry for 20+ years and is currently in partnership with his father running a small public practice helping business in Te Puke and beyond.

In 2010 he gained his Chartered Accountant qualification from Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand (CAANZ).

He has a great passion for learning, creative writing and technology and outside of the office he is actively involved in Church and sport (football and cricket). He also enjoys strategic board games and computer gaming – so bear this in mind if he entices you into a game or two!


Richard Crawford

A bit handy on the tools, great with practical ideas and getting things done, Richard is a huge asset to our charity. Nothing is too complicated, just a bit of a positive attitude and some great ideas and she will be right! The ‘Dad’ of the family, we all look up to Richard and appreciate his level headed optimistic perspective. With a kind and hardworking babe, Julie, at his side nothing gets this couple down!