Our Team

Jo Reha


Wooed by our crazy dreamers, Jo is a recent addition to the team. Armed with a contagious optimism she is determined to grab hold of illusive dreams, pull them apart and find the method to the madness. Lover of systems and the impossible task of turning dreams into words for everyone to understand, she is the bubble of energy often nicknamed the Pocket Rocket! She is the linking point between our trust and staff, partnering with her husband Clint who is our handsome Ops Manager! (That’s what she said! 😉

Clint reha


Born and bred local, Clint has experienced local schooling, local business, and local community. He has a cool head under pressure and a quick hand when things require action (just ask his old sporting mates!). Te Puke is home to his family and both maternal and paternal extended family. So its an understatement to say he is fully invested in this community. With a heart for doing something a little out of the ordinary, working in a not for profit is a great fit!

Angela leigh


A whizz on any system and form, Angela can resolve any complex hurdle often silently in the background and before you know it, it’s done! She is a fast and straight shooter when it comes to sorting problems, then in contrast feels like she has all the time in the world when you need a cup of tea and a kind word or empathetic ear. Mother to all, often nicknamed Mumma Ange, and like any great mother she is kind and gentle but if you mess with her kids expect to see the passionate advocate because no one messes with her family and friends! We couldn’t do what we do without her!

Glenn Taylor


Nothing is ever too big of a problem for this guy! Glenn is a ‘no nonsense just get it done’ when it comes to getting the work completed, yet always looking for mischief and a good laugh! Handy at just about anything, and a dedicated and loyal set of strong shoulders, he has been sweet relief to add to a small team carrying big dreams. We are so excited to see this practical and reactive area of our organisation truly fly and have no doubt Glenn is the perfect fit to make this happen. Watch this space!

Rochelle Moir


With us from the start of our cafe journey, Ro is truly a loyal and critical member of this team. With a smile on her face she has weathered with us the storms of pioneering a social enterprise in a world that barely knew what that actually meant! Tagging into the Cafe Manager role from our beautiful swede, Bex, in 2019, she has carried our ever evolving space with a stoic determination and we don’t know what we would have done without her. Always up for a good laugh and some hard ‘roll up your sleeves’ work, she is great fun to have around!


Marty Robinson

This guy is the first to grab a tea towel or the broom, to the point he has been asked if he is the cleaner at times! Marty is our leader, not because he has ruthlessly fought his way to the front but because we are happy for him to lead from the back, where he wants to be. He makes a chaotic day look like a gentle stroll in the park, and to him nothing is impossible. He gets us dreaming those big dreams, and courageously looking to the future with faith that everything is going to be all right.

Chrissi Robinson

You know those people you meet and you suddenly realise they are exactly what you are missing? That is a Chrissi! Loved by and a lover of all people, she gives the meanest hugs and kindest smiles. Hiding behind those kind eyes is the plan that will help us not fail! Believer, weaver, courageous dreamer, she is the brave to spur us all on when there seems to be no way. That is our dear Chrissi, and we love that we get to share her with our Marty!

Richard Crawford

A bit handy on the tools, great with practical ideas and getting things done, Richard is a huge asset to our charity. Nothing is too complicated, just a bit of a positive attitude and some great ideas and she will be right! The ‘Dad’ of the family, we all look up to Richard and appreciate his level headed optimistic perspective. With a kind and hardworking babe, Julie, at his side nothing gets this couple down!

Andrew Reid

Master of all dad jokes, includer of all, Andrew is the guy you need when something is missing and you just can’t put your finger on it…a man of few words, but always the right ones, you can’t beat his mic drop moments! With his savvy electrical skills, beautiful wife and 3 cool kids, we have all sides covered topped with a bit of humour to constantly remind us we do this for the fun of it!

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