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Our Story

The Daily Charitable Trust is a registered charity (CC52017). Our café and all initiatives and events are not here for our own gain, but for the gain of the local community. All of our profits go back into our community and our agenda is to add into what we believe is ‘the best little town in NZ’ in every way possible through our resources, experience and partnerships. Our focus is on breaking the poverty cycle and filling the ‘gaps’ where many needs fall quietly through. We do this in partnership with other local charities and community groups, choosing collaboration wherever possible.

Our dream is to see ALL of Te Puke connected and thriving.


Connectivity. The state of being connected or interconnected.
We want to see Te Puke like a giant spider web of connections woven together so nothing can fall through the gaps. You may connect to us, or to others we are connected to. If you don’t have your place in the spider web let us make room for you. We want you to find ways that will make you feel a part of our community, by finding you a space and connecting you to all the other amazing people and organisations in this community.

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To Thrive. To be prosperous and growing, to flourish.
Our towns motto is ‘Goodness Grows Here’. That is not just to do with our horticultural industry, it is our vision for our people too. To thrive we need to have our needs met, whether it be our physical, mental, emotional or spiritual needs. Our charity is part of the big picture to make sure all of our communities needs get met. Are you thriving? Are all your needs getting met? Let’s partner together to use all our wealth of resources to ensure the needs of our future generations are met. Let’s thrive, not just survive.

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