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On a farm in 2013 an unlikely bunch of new friends shared pizzas for week after week, dreaming what it could look like if their whole community of Te Puke could be experiencing a lifestyle that was healthy, connected and thriving.

Some of the needs were simpler in their struggling community and others were much more complex. This inspired the need to collaborate, to achieve something far greater than one could achieve. It required partnership, from not just one or two, but eventually a partnership that engaged the whole community to work together for the greater good of a thriving network of connected people.

It would take time, creative thinking, partnership, and respect. It required a team of people that had the ability to see the value of diversity, connect people together, and patiently weave a web of partnership and belonging with the local community.

As the dream began to grow, together this excited motley crew formed The Search Party Charitable Trust believing that between themselves and others they would partner with along the way, this very big dream could be achievable. Hard work was not the hurdle they were challenged with, all coming from hands on practical backgrounds. It was the ability to convince others that alone we are incapable of achieving this high reaching goal, but together this was very achievable. The simple notion of the power of connection weaving a web to cause a spontaneous environment for all to thrive was something they strongly believed. Time and consistency were the critical factors that they required to promote and develop their cause.

A hub was formed 3 years later in 2016, The Daily Café, a place for their dream of connection to have a platform to shine. Something tangible to see their heartbeat, to sell their dream, to reveal their investment into the very fibres of the community.

Woven along the way the heartbeat for collaboration has flourished and grown, a dream found over time not just in themselves but also in others in their community. A journey began in an independent space, owned by the community itself, a dream that is no longer just words out of the mouth or on the page, but a dream that is shared by many. Could we move through our differences and surrender our individual agendas in the name of the greater cause?

Another 3 years later in 2019 a new initiative began to grow a life of its own, The Daily Help, a practical way to show they will do what they need to do, not just say what they need to say. The dream to connect people with the resources and support they need to have their practical needs supported.

Strategy and sustainability also became the name of the game in 2019. To find systems and structure to support the continual growth and changes were the critical components that set the game plan. To honour the investments that had been made by every volunteer, donor, and funder, and to communicate well with every receiver of service and support. A General Manager was found, a strategy was developed, a commitment to sustainable choices was made.

The year of 2020 brought the unexpected challenges of a pandemic, lockdown, and income loss. Despite the crisis, with the sustainable culture in place, and the stability of a GM, our story did not come to an end. In fact, against all the odds large growth ensued and accelerated the already developing signs of a new area around emergency meals, basic food training and a passion for food resilience.

The Search Party has found itself forming another new initiative, The Daily Kitchen. With a new government initiative launched to provide Lunches in Schools, and a beautiful partnership formed with the local schools, the charity has found itself exploding with new roles for our community, exploring sustainable ways of feeding our children and the prospects of a second location and a commercial kitchen to platform a more sustainable way of continuing their emergency food support and education around food and nutrition.

This year with a renewed sense of identity, The Search Party Charitable Trust moves into the future as The Daily Charitable Trust. With a clear vision, poised and ready for the thriving hub of change and growth. Committed to thriving within so it can contagiously influence thriving throughout. The mission of getting everyone connected and thriving can continue to grow by:


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