Lunches in school

We supply eight schools in and around Te Puke through the governments Ka Ora Ka Ako Lunches in Schools programme.

An extra 200 school lunches (above and beyond our government funded lunches) are also delivered to four local schools every school day.

Overall, we cook, pack and deliver around 2,250 meals from our kitchen.

Help us fund the community lunches by contributing to our Lunchbox Legend fundraiser.

Ka Ora, Ka Ako aims to reduce food insecurity by providing access to a nutritious lunch every day. The name Ka Ora, Ka Ako is about being healthy and well in order to be in a good place to learn. 

Research indicates that reducing food insecurity for children and young people:

  • improves wellbeing
  • supports child development and learning
  • improves learners’ levels of concentration, behaviour and school achievement
  • reduces financial hardship amongst families and whānau
  • addresses barriers to children’s participation in education and promotes attendance at school
  • boosts learners’ overall health.

Through Budget 2023, the Government has provided funding to continue the Ka Ora, Ka Ako programme for a further year, until the end of December 2024.

Resources from Ka Ora Ka Ako Education Governement’s website.

Picture of school lunches


Our menus are updated each term and follow the Nutritional guidelines from the Ministry of Education to make sure we provide students with healthy and nutritious food.

Vegetarian Menu

Items listed under vegetarian menus are suitable for vegetarian diets.

Vegan & Made Without Dairy

Menus listed as vegan are made without dairy containing ingredients, e.g; vegan cheese etc. However, all menu items are made in a kitchen that handles dairy.

Made without Gluten

Menu listed are made without gluten containing ingredients. (E.g., bread served are GF bread). However, all menu items are made in a kitchen that handles gluten.

We also cater for common food allergies.

We provide hot lunches at least three times a week.
Within each term, menus are based on a two-week cycle with a rotation of 12 meals.

Forms & School ressources

Lunch order and dietary requirements

Use the link below. Access is restricted to schools admin, contact Nina if needed.

Order change request & cancellations

Please us this form the make a change request for any school closure, teacher only day or EOTC like school camp or class trip. We require two week’s notice.

Order change form

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    We appreciate any and all feedback on our service and food.