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I came to the Daily at a time that I had really lost faith in the industry (hospitality) and struggled to feel that I was valued.

My self worth was being heavily effected by it and at the same time I had a young child. I loved the industry, but started to feel like it wasn’t an industry I could have longevity in because it was damaging my heart and soul and I didn’t want it to turn me into a sour and bitter person.

By chance I heard there was a place opening up in Te Puke called the Daily Cafe and they were looking for a head barista.

I went out there for an interview and the moment I met them and learnt of the heart of the organisation it gave me a little bit of a light at the end of the tunnel.

A little bit more drive to continue on and persevere and stay in the industry. As a result of the Daily stepping in and supporting me through that period of my life when I was feeling down and out, I gained self confidence and learnt some really good interpersonal skills that then I transferred through to my future positions and jobs.

I ended up getting head hunted and getting great opportunities to move into and the Daily never begrudged me for moving on which was fantastic because some places do try to treat you as though you are an asset of theirs, and instead I think the Daily saw it as an opportunity for me to continue furthering myself in the hospitality industry and if it hadn’t been for that period in my life I don’t think I would have remained in the industry.

I may have ended up in a career like a trade which would have made me more money in the long run, but I am happiest when I am able to impact positively on other people’s lives.

After working in places that felt like I was being trodden on all the time, to be able to now create a feeling of connectedness and community within our team as well as our customers and actually elevate peoples mood and bring them up not create anxiety within them about having to go to work, that’s what I have tried to do.

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I think without having had the Daily I wouldn’t have been able to become a coffee roaster because I wouldn’t have been noticed, but also I wouldn’t have had the enthusiasm to maintain a career in the industry and I probably wouldn’t have stayed in the industry which would have meant I wouldn’t be in the position I am now to be able to help people.

So sometimes I think that out of the darkest times comes some of the best things – some of the light comes out of the dark.

I always felt supported by the Daily and never felt alienated after I left, I always could walk back in the door again which it’s never been that way with anywhere else.

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I gained self confidence and learnt some really good interpersonal skills that then I transferred through to my future positions and jobs

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